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Naruto Filler Hell Fans

2009-04-08 00:54:28 by bumwolf

I have done sequels to Naruto Filler Hell though I didn't do them in Flash. They are on Utube and are done in Abridged style format. Naruto Filler Hell Abridged May make a new Flash soon but probably won't be in Flash Format.


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2009-11-09 17:01:45

I found your Believe it flash pretty funny. I guess I will have to search Youtube to watch the fillers correct?

bumwolf responds:

They were but Youtube has been deleting them. Here is where they are now .html


2009-12-04 22:54:11

I saw these advertised on your site. Nice 34 on Paheal too.


2010-03-20 20:03:53

I <3 flashes! awesome!!